A Perfect Constitution Essay

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A More Perfect Constitution Begins with Congressional Term Limits

Professor Larry Sabato is the founder of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia presents 23 proposals to revitalize our Constitution and Make America a Fairer Country. His book provides insight for a hard fought debate. Whether you like his suggestions or not or you agree with him or not, you have to respect anyone that can outwardly state that the United States Constitution as it has been handed down is “outdated.” This quest for reform I’m sure would anger many political conservatives who believe that the Constitution that we know today, is not in need of any reform, and is just the true document that is has always been and should remain.

There a few
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Do we presume to place the blame solely on our presidents, or do we consider the fact that the executive branch of government is much bigger than just the president, and how does that affect the running of the government in totality; more so the continuity of our government and the legislative branch. Continuity of government, just like business continuity plans of a corporation have existed since the 1950’s with overbearing threat of the USA v. USSR nuclear war prompted President Truman to develop a plan to ensure that the infrastructure of the government continued to operate under catastrophic conditions.

Admittedly even though these efforts continued after Truman, some of these programs were allowed to lapse after the fall of the Soviet Union. Due to terrorist attacks in the mid 1990’s, President Bill Clinton signed an executive order requiring all departments and agencies to develop contingency plans for resuming critical functions following a

disaster. George W. Bush's administration also tried to reestablish Continuity of Government programs. Progress has been made in some areas, but the progress does not include Congress in the event of a critical event.

Article I of the Constitution gives all legislative powers to the Congress. Congress consists of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives, both Senators and Representatives chosen through an
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