A Perfect Utopian Society Is Not A Utopia

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In a perfect utopian society everyone gets what they need because communication, understanding, and open mindedness of different ideas would be key. In order for a society to be a utopia, everyone has to be comfortable and be provided with their wants and needs and everything needs to function perfectly. In order for function and equality, people must compromise in thoughts and ideas to provide for everyone. To do that, one must have a good understanding of why others may think differently and have the ability to accept that. One of the many reasons our Earth is not a utopia is because of the competition and contradictory understandings of people, and the inability to accept other’s ideas. You do not have to believe what others believe, but respect for separate thought would make the world better. If everyone had their thoughts heard, were more sympathetic of different ideas and more capable of compromise, then there would possibly not be such gaps in social standing and humans dying from lack of basic needs while others bathe in gold. Life can indeed benefit from understanding other people 's thought processes and ideas. I am a strong believer that people are, for the most part, shaped by the way they were raised and the ideas that were put into their heads from a young age. I do not believe anyone is born good or evil. These ideas can show that analization of someone’s thoughts and understandings can go a long way. Take the Hitler Youth for example; these children were…
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