A Person 's World View May Not Be My Worldview

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A person’s world view may not be my worldview, so how do I differ what a worldview is? Along with, how is a person’s worldview different from a christian worldview? When I read an encyclopedia the definition might look like this, a person’s specific bias or opinion on things that influence how they look at the world and the things around them from what is there to what is expected to be there. Now that I have a definition of a worldview, what is a christian worldview? With the article A Christian Worldview there are five points that make up a christian worldview. First God exists and the world was created by him. Secondly humans who fully believe in God have enjoyment to look forward to after death because they can be with God, but everyone has a soul and spirit to go somewhere after they die. Third science and metaphysics are not the only things that explain a big bang theory and everything that exists today. Fourth is epistemology is not the only thing that helps humans perceive real senses. Last there is a difference between objective morality and subjective morality along with the Bible being a source for christians to follow God’s will for our life (Drury 3).
Likewise with the five points to a person’s worldview and a christian worldview how can all citizens legally choose not to give life to an unborn child, but not let people end their life when they are terminally ill, or go through extreme pain for the rest of their life. Currently there are four states that…

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