A Person’S Worldview Is A Set Of Developed Beliefs And

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A person’s worldview is a set of developed beliefs and characteristics through various stages of life, that directs one’s understanding, actions, and behaviors within the world. Such stages include infancy (0-5 years old) , adolescence (6 – 18 years old) , and adult-hood (20 – 65 + years); in which one either gathers new components of a worldview, disposes of old worldview components, and/or both. These components are anything from a person’s view of religion to the belief of the purpose of life. Each stage coincides with a person’s physical and mental development as a human being. For instance, during infancy a child’s worldview is limited to their immediate surroundings and their caretakers, usually mom and dad. At this stage the…show more content…
For instance, young adults may join social groups their parents do not approve of and/or test boundaries of everyday life by combatting authority figures. Yet, even during this stage adolescents still carry the worldview of their family members because they are not, yet self-sufficient adults. Last, the stage of adult-hood is a rather fixed idea on worldview, yet still influential. For instance, a young adult is more open to new knowledge than older adults. Specifically, older adults fill their knowledge systems with information that backs their worldview and discard of information that does not. As an example, and adult who watches FOX news because they agree with the stories presented, yet turns the TV off when CNN is on because they do not like CNN, is further adding to the truths of their worldview and rejecting others. Although, most adult’s worldview is established at this stage, it can alter due to factors such as: changes worldview’s of their peers or experiencing a life changing event. Factors that contribute to worldview People view the world in a variety of different ways due to customs, thoughts, beliefs, and life styles. Each factor contributes to the development of one’s worldview, either formed individually or through a group. Some of these influencing factors include: language, culture, and religion. From the time of birth, a person is introduced to their first form of understanding the world, language. The language a person speaks helps
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