A Personal Application of Theory Essay

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There is not a day where my own life lacks social events. A basic day consists of going to work or school, completing homework, and attempting to have a social life with those who are important to me. Being able to manage my social self is a task worth reviewing using the sociological theory of Max Weber and Erving Goffman. Each decision made to manage my life pulls from Weber’s theory of action and rationality; moreover, each situation requires a bit of face by Goffman’s dramaturgy. To analyze how the application of theory is relevant throughout my own life, a review of a few common events is necessary. Typically, I endure the waking up process; make myself presentable, and travel to work. At work, there is a routine that occurs to…show more content…
The company I belong to executes a series of rules to abide for the opening and closing routines. These routines are of a formalized rationality. These routines cannot be preformed with practical rationality because they involve a series of tasks that must be done efficiently and correctly; otherwise, the bureaucratic policy would be defied. It is a choice by the company for when these routines occur, not my individual rationality (Robertson 2/26/09). Daily actions of rationale directly coincide with the behaviors preformed. The actions that manifest while getting ready for the day are completely traditional. They have and will occur my entire life. Although the routine may occasionally change, the small actions and behaviors are done the same each time they are preformed (i.e. shutting off the alarm clock, showering, the way the car is started…). These small routines are non-rational actions individually, but together make up a rationalized behavior. Similarly, the bureaucratic routines at work have their own set of actions. These actions are value driven due to their basis of “my own beliefs in a larger set of values” (Robertson 2/26/09). I know that if my behaviors do not follow the normal customs, that my own position within the bureaucracy may be jeopardized. The company rationalizes Weber’s value actions. Throughout the consultation portion of a workday different types of actions and rationality persist, despite the routines
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