A Personal Conflict Analysis

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By definition a conflict is a disagreement between people or teams due to different opinions or perspective (Cambridge Dictionaries). It is the result of misunderstandings or a lack of communication. Conflict is something we have to deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, conflict is an inevitable part of human relationships. Conflicts can happen at anytime or anywhere at work with co-workers, at home with our families or friends, for instance. I am aware that in some point I will have to handle a conflict and even more when I will be manager. In fact, manager must be able to identify, understand the source of the conflict, and resolve any kind of conflict ocurring within the team that he manages. Because each individual have strenghts and weaknesses, teamworks can sometimes trigger sparks and create conflicts. It is natural to have discrepencies within a team. Thus, The risk of conflict are many. This is the reason why the manager have to face differences without getting into the emotional process and without losing sight of the objectives and priorities of the team.
I personally had a few conflicts throughout my life because I try to avoid it as much as possible. However, I could not always escape from it and I have to handle some. Moreove, I consider myself proactive. I always try to monitor
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Also, conflicts allowed me to learn how to resolve efficiency a conflict and gave me some insight about how to be a good leader. In fact, those experiences taught me that a leader is someone able to motivate, inspire, teach his team how to work together, and resolve conflicts within his team. Handling conflicts is one of the most important characteristics not only in the business world but in our daily lives as well. This characteristic can make life less stressful, produce happiness, and put a smile on the face instead of agony and low
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