A Personal Corruption : The Consequences Of Abortion

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People’s relationships can be ruined by one action in their life which they are always doing to protect themselves from harm. People choose abortion regardless of the circumstances whether, rape, traumatic event, avoidance of the responsibility of parenthood, or out of medical necessity. No matter the circumstances the overarching reasoning is always self preservation. Because of this it has created a stigma even for those that are pro-choice that it is a selfish act. Even though some people are theoretically okay with it it is still such a shameful act that people feel they must keep it secret. If a woman gets an abortion then in our society she feels as though she must keep it a deep dark secret forever. If we educate people on the true motivations for abortion and what it means, then we can eliminate this social barricade. This is something that we need to overcome, we need to clear the dogma, we need to liberate our minds. This must be stopped.

According to a new Rasmussen survey people self reporting as pro-life has reached a level that it hasn’t even come close to in the last two years. This means that the problem is just getting worse according to the survey 50% of people consider themselves pro life with a measly 34% saying that they are pro-choice. This means that only a third of the population would be at all ok with a woman’s decision to have an abortion. It means that at least one of a woman’s parents would most likely would like to disown them post operation.
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