A Personal Cultural Analysis

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While culture, in a general sense, can be defined as the collective arts and customs of a population, it is also important to consider the broader collective aesthetic of said community. Being such, it is necessary to understand culture before interacting or entering a society as this allows one to better understand tradition and the attitudes towards various aspects, such religion and customs. When I look at my own culture, there are various aspects that shape my daily interactions with society at large and how I approach a situation. As a white male of a higher socioeconomic standing, I am afforded some level of impunity and status within my contemporaries, this due to the history of America and the culture that has been developed. Being that I wish to attend Lund University for the study abroad experience, there are…show more content…
An admittedly glaring feature of my person that I left out when previously defining my cultural niche is my homosexuality. While there are many who would like to say sexuality does not define someone, it inevitably does. As such, I have had my fair share of both positive and negative experiences from both within the community and from those outside it. I feel that if I were to take into consideration the aspects that define my culture, and myself, I would come to a conclusion that I exist within a fairly safeguarded and sheltered place where I can watch the goings on of the American culture as a whole. By going abroad, I hope to strip myself of this armor of sorts that I have been carrying with me my whole life. I hope to be thrust into a position where I am forced to face a new culture that I am unexpended with and I can broaden my own culture and brake down some of the walls that have been constructed by my own American
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