A Personal Development Program

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Personal Development PlanPage 4 Personal Development Plan Contents Executive Summary 5 Introduction 6 Personal and Professional Goals Identification 7 Skills Required Personally and Professionally 7 Coaching and Mentoring 7 Multitasking Skills 8 Counseling Skills 8 Leadership Skills 9 Effective Time Management 9 Prioritizing Work Tasks 9 Training and Development 9 Stress Management 10 Personal Skills Audit Identifying Preferred Learning Style 10 Skills Required To Be Developed 11 Decision making and problem solving 11 Target setting 11 Written communications 11 Preferred Learning Style 12 Implementation of Personal Development Plan 12 Personal Development Plan 13 Decision making and problem solving 13 Resources Required 13 Target Date 13 Progress Checks 14 b. Target Setting 14 Resources Required 14 Target Date 14 Progress Checks 14 C. Skills to Be Improved: Written Communications 14 Resources required: 15 Target date: 15 Progress Checks 15 Effectiveness and Impacts of My Learning 15 Decision Making and Problem Solving 16 Target Setting 16 Written Communication 16 Impact of My Learning 16 Conclusion 17 References 18 Executive Summary Personal development program is a tool which enables one to develop skills required to be an effective person and successful and skilled professional. During this program, analysis of organizational goals and their corroboration with personal goals was performed.
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