A Personal Health Record ( Ehr )

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A personal health record (PHR) is an emerging health information technology that patients may use to participate in their own health care and improve the quality and efficiency of that care. Most articles written about PHRs have been published since 2000.
PHR could be defined as “An electronic application through which individuals can access, manage and share their health information, and that of others for whom they are authorized, in a private, secure, and confidential environment”. A PHR should not be confused with an electronic health record (EHR). While EHR is entered and edited by health care provider, PHR is accessed and, in some cases, edited by the patient himself.
There are two main types of PHR, tethered, or connected, PHR and untethered, or standalone, PHR.
There are many benefits of PHR such as Empowerment of patients, Improve patient-provider communication and relationships, Increase patient safety, Access to patient data in emergencies, chronic disease management, Improved quality of care, more efficient delivery of care, Better safeguards on health information privacy, bigger cost savings and improve Behavioral habits.
There are many challenges facing adoption of PHR such as maintaining data security and privacy and Digital divide and literacy related issues.

1. Introduction to Personal Health Records:
Mr.Davidson is a 70-year-old gentleman with diabetes and hypertension. Mr.Davidson went to his family doctor this afternoon, and on the way home he
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