A Personal Leadership Philosophy

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The path to a personal leadership philosophy is made up of three parts. Each individual aspect is a facet of a complete whole. Much like a timeline that includes a past present and future, my personal philosophy consists of a foundation, action, and growth. If you do not understand where your foundation of leadership came from you will have problems acting in a leadership capacity. Also if don’t pay attention to how you are acting as a leader you cannot know in what ways you need to grow. Why should I spend the time and effort in developing myself as a leader? The Gunner’s Mate rating has a strength of just over 600 members. Maritime Force Protection Unit Kings Bay has 31 Gunner’s Mates assigned to it. I have a full five percent of the Gunner’s Mates in the Coast Guard that I lead. During my four year assignment at MFPU Kings Bay approximately 55 Gunner’s mates (9.2 percent) will have been under my leadership. I see that as an enormous responsibility. As a young Gunner’s Mate I saw my senior leadership as people capable of effecting great change on the rating. Now today I am in the position to have that same impact.

2. The foundation of my leadership philosophy is anchored by a few key influences. The two I will address here are as polar opposites as they come. ETCM Joe Rowe was the Chief of the Mess in Valdez, AK as well as the ESD supervisor. Joe taught me about empowering your workforce. He understood that he was no longer the technical expert within his
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