A Personal Management Philosophy Is Not Best Expressed By Leaders And Management Personnel

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Eleanor Roosevelt once stated that “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes…and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility”. Roosevelt’s statement accurately reflects how others view the personal management philosophies adopted by leaders and management personnel. What is remembered is not what individuals say, but what they do. Ideas and philosophical outlooks on life and management can have significant impacts on the lives of others. Each decision a manager makes effects not only those employees in their area of responsibility, but also the network of suppliers and vendors that interact with their organization. Due to the potentially large impact management personnel can have not only on their own organization, but also interconnected companies, it is key that all management personnel and those in leadership positions, take the time to reflect and develop a set of management philosophies that inform their outlook on the management process and their decision making process. Prior to this assignment, I had never given much thought to what my own management philosophy was. Like many people in management positions, or positions of authority I concentrated on just getting my job down in the most efficient manner possible, while hopefully exceeding the expectations of my supervisors. At no point did I put much thought into the reasoning and belief systems that informed my decision making processes and my…
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