A Personal Narrative Essay : The Life Of My Life

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Wake up, eat, pasture the sheep, eat, and hit the hay. This was my routine for as long as I could remember and I was ok with that. Life was great just me and my fat sheep, that’s all I really needed and of course my cheese and milk . No one really came around because my kind is known to be wild savages and lawless, and there not completely wrong, I could never see eye to eye with anyone so it’s probably best that I lived solo. My home was a mountainous cave just right for my size. The rugged walls and hard floors to others might look uncomfortable but not to me, I was content as ever. Today started same as always I awoke and made my way out to the fields. The early morning rays of sun kissed the rolling hills and I stood still, captivated by the beauty. I took in the warmth that made the hair on my skin rise. I watched as two birds hovered in and out of trees singing a song of whistles on repeat. I made my way through the trees on the look for some more firewood with my sheep not far behind getting all chunky just for me. After hours out on the pasture I started to head home with my boughs on my shoulder and my sheep to the right of me. My day wasn’t over yet, I threw the wood in the cave and closed it up with the boulder I called a door. I took a seat and got to work milking my ewes and to be honest the job was pretty ew. I can’t complain though because that was my supper and man it tasted bomb. I finished all my chores and poked at the fire thinking that this day was
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