A Personal Philosophy Of A Worldview

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A worldview is a personal philosophy of how one perceives the world. An individual’s worldview is deeply embedded in their subconscious and, unless reflected upon, is difficult to intellectualize (Sire, n.d.). This philosophy is developed from early childhood and undergoes continual transformation as one matures. Worldviews are a matter of spiritual orientation, rather than a matter of the mind alone (Sire, n.d.). It is important to understand one’s worldview, because it is the source from which all thoughts and actions are derived. Reflecting on our own worldviews will help to reduce personal bias that can influence our interpersonal relations and will, in turn, foster respect for the worldviews of those we interact with. Meaning of Spirituality Spirituality is a diverse, generalized term used to describe a set of beliefs, or truth, that a person holds deep within themselves. Thus, spirituality means different things to different people. There are multiple philosophical ideals regarding spirituality, such as pluralism, scientism, which is a principle of modernism, and postmodernism. Pluralism signifies that there is more than one view regarding a given subject, such as culture or religion. Whereas, scientism stands to reason that knowledge comes only from science. This philosophy suggests that science dictates reality. If something is scientifically unknown, then it is synonymous with failing to be true. Conversely, postmodernism is a decidedly non-Christian philosophy that
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