A Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Philosophy of Nursing Nursing is a dynamic career field with endless opportunities associated with it. Working in this field allows those seeking a job in a variety of working positions. Whether it is working at the bedside of a patient, going into a community and teaching about disease prevention, or in researching clinical outcomes, nursing has a wide variety of options to get into for those who are interested in this career. However, with those opportunities and options available, there is more to nursing than just performing the job. Exploring reasons why a person chose nursing, as a career, is needed to give insight into this profession. As a nurse, I take on a responsibility of putting an individual’s care in my hands. This is a job that demands hard work and dedication in making sure each and every patient’s well being is a top priority. Nurses take on a duty to ensure that each patient is given the best care possible while under their supervision. However, before a nurse can give the best care possible, understanding a personal philosophy of nursing is essential. A personal philosophy of nursing is how a nurse defines his or her practice. It looks into the…show more content…
Nursing knowledge should be a foundation into this practice. According to Sochan (2011), nursing knowledge is defined as “both the theoretical and experiential knowledge that is required for disciplinary development and for professional practice.” (p. 178). This gives insight into what nursing knowledge is based upon when it draws from theories and experiments, which can be used to implement into nursing practice. In addition, nursing knowledge is important for nurses to have because it is what nurses use to guide their practice. Knowledge of certain disease processes and knowing how to intervene are vital in achieving the best outcome for a patient and is essential to the core of
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