A Personal Reflection on the Liminal Spaces in Life

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Chuck Wendig has said writing the middle of a novel is the hardest task. He calls it the mushy middle. Others call it the sagging middle. Liminality are the in-between moments. It is often an interval of tribulation, of halt and alteration. Your old habits, beliefs and even personal identity deteriorates. In that moment of liminality, you have the chance to become someone new. Liminal space is the middle of every great story. In movies, it is the period you find that there is a twist in the plot. Change happens through liminal space, which is the period of alteration and transformation. The word, liminal means “threshold”. It can relate to a transition from childhood to adulthood, the time between wounded and healing, the transition from…show more content…
This is why for me, it was easy to transition from Dubai to America. Because of globalization and being prone to different diversities in Dubai, It made my transition easy. While many see globalization as a positive feature on the world, it can have negative aspects as well. It can lead to displacement of religious identities, values and worldviews. Martin Carnoy explores the question of how globalization and its ideological affect the overall delivery of education. He sees the various effects of education: (1) The pressure to reduce the growth of spending on education and find other sources of funding. (2) the rate of return to higher levels of education and (3) international comparisons of education systems. There has been a swift change in how we learn and do things. This can be pointed towards the impact of globalization on education. Globalization increases interaction and this creates new opportunities for learning as well as old ones. With new learning comes the growth of technology and the diminishing of cultural values. In addition to the speed of circulation of knowledge that comes with globalization, there has been a growth in the quantity, quality and density of knowledge.
The technology associated with globalization present new opportunities as well as challenges to education. It presents to us novel opportunities for education, particularly among
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