A Personal Reflection on the Qualities of an Ideal Employee

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The qualities that comprise the ideal employee will vary from position to position. However, even within the dynamic range of jobs on the market, there are a few core sets of traits that I possess, which employers will find attractive no matter what sector they are in. What makes me the ideal employee includes skills, education, attitude, interpersonal communication, and collaboration. My charming personality will also help employers appreciate and value my presence in the workplace. I am flexible, open-minded, and willing to learn new things. My skills sets are well developed and highly flexible. I am a graphic designer who has a full command of a range of software applications including CAD, Lightroom, and Photoshop. I am also a video editor who works with Final Cut. My previous work producing music means that I am also familiar with ProTools and other sound engineering software. Of course, I have the requisite office software skills such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. In addition to my computer-related skills, I also know First Aid. I can tap dance, and I know how to make chocolate from scratch when I spend six months in Guatemala. My skills also include construction, because I worked for those six months in Guatemala with Habitat for Humanity. My educational background prepares me well for any position. I have a Bachelor's Degree from two different universities, both of which are Ivy League institutions. One of my degrees is in political science, from
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