A Personal Revolt Against The Rising Rape Culture Essay

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This project begun as a personal revolt against the rising rape culture and sexual assaults in India when three of my closest female friends got sexually assaulted in Delhi this May. These were young financially independent and headstrong women yet they felt completely powerless after this event and could not report it. This normality around rape and assault led me to probe into the root cause and cultural implications around it.

It started with a simple aim of sensitizing Indian youth about gender violence with an aim to contribute in ceasing the rising rape culture in India. The multiple theories around the cause for gender-based violence were studied and tapered around Indian context. This project therefore is an intersection of various disciplines including; sociology, creative art forms, communication techniques and social psychology. Sociology & social psychology in this context analyzed the culturally ingrained belief that men have unquestionable rights over women. On the other hand creative art forms were researched as powerful vehicle for establishing personal connection with this issue.

“How can provocative communication methods alter imbibed social psychology to instigate gender sensitization in creative Indian youth? ”

The project proposes to start a series of inclusive gender sensitivity workshops for creative youth that helps them to personally reflect on gender disparity concerns in India. The
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