A Personal Statement Essay: My Pursuit Of Criminal Justice

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One physically taking a hit leaves scars, however, one witnessing without having the courage to help scars you mentally. Before I knew how great life can be I have been exposed to great pain of almost losing my father at the age of 5. He was brutally attacked and almost beaten to death by 7 African American men with no mercy. While hiding in the bushes the sight in front of me was horrific. I was puzzled, unable to even blink or shed a single tear, seen the sight in front of me was my father’s blood pouring out of his head. As I stood at the hospital recalling the event, I promised myself that under no circumstances would I ever what to undergo the same situation. More than felling hatred towards those men I wanted justice for my father. Despite the tragedy moment I had witness, subsequently, that was a major factor that developed my character as a person. Occasionally I tend to remember that dreadful day yet, I bear in mind that I was unable to be of any assistance because I was still a child. I’ve chosen to major in Criminal Justice in order to punish those who violate the law and bring justice to those who are in need of it.…show more content…
With a variety of options to choose I had originally planned to become a narcotics officer (dealing with the prevention of illegal drug distribution was fascinating). However, after I’ve earn my bachelor’s degree I aspire to become an FBI Agent, focusing on making this country a safer place to live. Recently there has been many terrorist attacks that have caused a major impact on the safety of the people causing many civilians to fear for their own safety. After I graduate I plan to attend Sam Houston State University to major in Criminal Justice. I plan to take a part time job in order to help pay for the university. My goal is to become an FBI Agent in the future and to achieve this dream I am determine to work hard in order to achieve
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