A Personal Statement Of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose
Too often people are faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles early on in life. We often don’t realize the extent of the difficulties even when we may be aware of the problem itself. Factors like race, socioeconomic status and whether a person is born with a disability impact one’s ability to successfully navigate the obstacles they face. The interplay of these factors often creates situations where the individual is unlikely to succeed.
While my Psychology has been unwavering for the last two decades, it was only five years ago that I was fortunate enough to be able to return to my undergraduate program and complete my undergraduate degree in psychology after having to suspend my enrollment with only one semester completed. After months of suspicions my daughter was diagnosed as being on the severe end of the autism spectrum and I had to quickly fulfill my role as her advocate in order to secure effective services for her so that she could have a chance at independence. While she may never acquire those skills the experience has brought to my attention the difficulty parents face in securing appropriate services for their children on the autism spectrum so that they too have a chance for an autonomous life. As a sibling and parent of a loved one with autism, I have been in a unique position that allowed me to identify some gaps in our applied efforts as researchers and I hope to use my graduate training to work on ways to fill those gaps. It…
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