A Personal Statement

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My grandfather used to say, "Always thinking of your country before anything else; people come and go but the country stays." I understood what he meant, even as a child. He did not mean that people are unimportant; far from it. What he meant was that the people are only as strong as their country, culture, and nation. Contributing to the culture, as an aggregate of collective artifacts such as ceremonies, art, and music, has greater value than anything else I can. Thinking of my country first impacts all Kuwaiti people and not just those that I meet or work with. Therefore, I have internalized my grandfather's worldview and applied it to what I do and what I will do in the future. My deep sense of patriotism comes from him too, which is why I am bringing back all I learn here to Kuwait. My vision is to transform the society with the tools of my own generation. Doing things that impact the future of the country creates a personal legacy. This legacy will transcend anything else we can do in our career, even if that career is dedicated to helping others. The concept of leaving a legacy is important to me, which is why many of the activities I engage myself in draw on our rich culture. With the determination to leave a legacy, I know there is no better place to start than now. I have created a non-profit organization to raise money for charities. This is not just any non-profit organization, though. It is based on keeping our cultural traditions alive. For example, my

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