A Personal Statement about the Things I Have Learned in This Course

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The issues, ideas, concepts, and facts I learned in this course have stimulated my imagination and ability to think critically. I have been intrigued most by learning about art through history, from Caravaggio to Munch. The topic that confused and bothered me the most was related to the American Civil War, which illuminates the dark side of the country's history. Because of my future ambitions, I believe that our understanding of why Hollywood became the center of the movie industry over other cities is useful knowledge to me personally. However, I also believe that checking historical facts and verifying knowledge will become critical in my future career. The questions I would most like to ask my classmates in this course include those related to the painter Caravaggio because of the unique way the painter renders light and shadow. Painting has always intrigued me, because of the astonishing breadth and variety evident in art throughout history. In this course, we learned about en plein air, or open air painting traditions in Europe and the United States. The en plein air techniques are taken for granted now because we see painters working outside regularly. However, before the nineteenth century, it was relatively rare to see artists with their easels and paint palettes working out of doors. The work artists did was confined to their studios. Even with en plein air painters, studios are places where the artist performs much of their craft. Artists will create and blend
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