A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective. Discuss

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In this essay I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a personalised induction. I will describe the methods and techniques that are used to personalise screeds when working with different clients by looking at modalities and different types of scripts and finally conclude by deciding whether I feel it is important to personalise the induction. At the initial appointment with a hypnotherapist, a client will be assessed in order to gain an understanding of what they want to achieve from the therapy sessions and to ascertain if the client has a good understanding of how hypnotherapy can be achieved. The hypnotherapist will start to build up a rapport with the client, helping to build trust and thus, reassure the client so that…show more content…
‘We are then used to communicating with gestures as well as words and in the case of hypnosis, for our purposes, we are in a position that words will have to suffice.’ (Chrysalis Class notes 2014) There are six senses in total and these are known as languages of the mind, or ‘modalities’. These are Sight, hearing, feeling, smell and taste, although the last two can be put into the ‘feeling’ category. We use all of our senses in a particular situation but all of us will have a favourite which we are more comfortable with and are likely to fall back on in times of crisis. (Chrysalis pg. 4) Assessing the clients modalities is a way of personalising the screed that you will later use with them. The best time to assess which modality your client uses is during the initial appointment by listening to them to see which type of speech patterns they use, what sort of style of speech they use and by using the types of words will help put them at ease. The psychologist Paul Bakan suggested in studies done in the 1970’s that you could assess someone by looking at their lateral eye movements (LEM) -i.e different types of thinking would result in different eye movements. People with a kinaesthetic (feeling) modality will use
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