A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective. Discuss

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A Personalised induction will always be more effective. Discuss

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In this essay I will describe what a personal induction is and how it is composed then discuss the reasoning behind why they may be more effective for clients seeking change via hypnosis rather than using standard generic inductions. I will also look at some of the potential issues surrounding personal inductions before drawing a conclusion.

But first we need to look in a bit more detail as to how they work and why they may be helpful in helping the client achieve their aim.

It is has been stated that when we communicate with people only 7% of the communication is made up from the words we speak and the remaining 93% is
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Within the three main modalities each person will have one that is dominant or preferred and each individual’s preferred modality can be ascertained by careful, inconspicuous, observation and questioning of the client by the therapist during the sessions, taking note of the way they dress, the language they use (words and tone), their body language (the way they breath, their postures and gestures) and the work and pastimes they undertake.

The inductions are constructed using wording and phrases that fit with the clients preferred modality.

Some General Attributes of the Modalities
1. Visual
People with a preference for this modality have good imaginations that allow them to fantasize and daydream whilst suspending the analytical/critical element of their mind. They like things to look nice, and be involved in things that involve seeing like art, photography, drawing, or films. They may like bright colours and be observant and creative.

Clues that can be found in their choice of words are; look, see, appear, focus, imagine, references to bright colours or neatness.

In phrases such as; “I see what you mean”, looks good to me”, It just goes to show”, “paint a picture”.

They tend to speak faster as they think in images and pictures and in a high clear tone using shallow breathing.
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