A Personalized Sergei Bodrov

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A role in a movie is like a mirror that reflects an actor’s personality. Some actors are capable of playing certain roles but not others. If an actor can feel the role, he or she will play it naturally, as it would resemble his or her life. Actors put their heart into playing, which gives them the model. Through a role an actor connects to the audience who makes the final decision about the movie’s purpose; that is why it is very important to show this purpose correctly by playing it sincerely. Personalization is a significant factor that can lead to the success or failure of a film. Sergei Bodrov Jr was a leading actor in several movies during the late 1990s and early 2000s, he did not just play roles, he lived the roles. Sergei came…show more content…
Vanya Gillin a young Russian who joins the Russian army, he has to go through the various exams to make sure he is physically fit for the military. In the Chechen Republic, Vanya and another Sgt. Kostylin are injured in the explosion of a personnel carrier after which they are to be taken hostage. This is just the beginning of the story that will become legendary for Sergei Bodrov. Vanya has to go through many challenges that shake his inner stability. First, he meets Hasan, his guard, who cannot speak because his tongue is torn out. Second, he is shackled with leg shackles to Kostylin, the other Russian soldier held hostage. The situation of insecurity and absence of freedom makes the character alert and ready to stay alive by helping others. For example, Vanya fixed clocks for some Chechens. After time has passed, the prisoners Vanya and Kostylin are forced to leave the house of Abdul-Murat since Chechen fighters want them to work for them. The captives work finding mines for the Chechen as guinea pigs to clear a road for the others to pass. However, the prisoners survive the work zones and come back to the house of Abdul-Murat. The director of the movie increases the tragedy by letting Vanya’s mother know about the hostage situation. Her tears and pleads to Abdul-Murat do not change his decision do her son. “Chechen elders have great influence, often acting as intermediaries between feuding families or between villages and besieging Russian troops during the

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