A Person's Past and Memories Determine Who and What They Are

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The past may dictate who we are, but we get to determine what we become (Stephen Spielberg)". This quotation explains us that we are successful in our present only because of our efforts and hard work in the past. Past is a key to present. I believe that system of change defines "what we are" and it is because one moment is not the same as the next that we are capable to feel and experience. Every experience teaches us lessons for better life. Our past is packed with lessons for present and future. We learned from our good and also from our bad experiences. Some people think that we don't need past to obtain our good future but I think our future is linked with our past. Learning from our past experiences is important as it gives us knowledge about our failures, disappointments and other denials. If you will not learn from your past experiences then you will never succeed as you are only repeating same mistakes. Past gives us a way for better future with best decisions. A different method brings out new experiences and outcome. In addition, Learning from our past experiences includes analyze and gives us a knowledge about our all life experiences. We are made to be progressive. We always wanted a change in life. We never said that everything is perfect and always consider some kind of change in our life and sometimes change in ourselves too. Everybody wants to improve their life style. No one wants to get back in the past. According to some people, "Past is a good
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