A Persuasive Essay About Pokemon

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Pokémon is the name, catchin em all is the game. We all have memories of the cult classic Pokémon and the endless amounts of pokemon cards we all use to trade and battle. Although the competitive scene might not be as friendly as the battles you and your elementary buddies had on the playground. These world class athletes are willing to spend hours battling in competition and if they play their cards right they can win a lot of money.
There are three different age groups that compete. Juniors are the youngest players, ranging from around 5 years old to 11 years old, seniors are from 11 to 18 years old and masters are the adults. In most cases the prize is expensive Pokémon merchandise or money to travel to bigger tournaments. Every year the best of the best compete in one big tournament called The Pokemon World Championship. This is an invite only tournament to see who really is the best in the world.
On top of the large amounts of money you can win there is a huge market for Pokémon merchandise. Bill Todd (Pokémon coach) said, “There’s so much money on the line and it’s not just money but it’s product and cards too, so the kids will win hats, mats, sleeves, pencils, I mean everything and anything that you can think of but those are worth some serious cash like a hat is easily a thirty five dollar bill and then you win some sleeves that are $15
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At regionals they hand out championship points to the winners. Rack up enough championship points and you can earn an invite to worlds. At the World Championships they pull out all the stops. Matches on huge screens with people on stage, last-chance qualifiers and side tournaments that let you play people from any country, tons of swag and tons of people. In more touristy locations, they'll have something from the culture be a part of the ceremonies. For example, Worlds was in Hawaii once and tribal dances were incorporated into the tournament's entertainment for that
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