A Pharmacist From The State Of Atlanta

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In 1866 the curiosity of a pharmacist from the state of Atlanta by the name of Dr. John S. Pemberton led to him creating a beverage with a distinctive taste. The taste was so distinctive that it was immediately questioned if it can be sold in soda fountains. Dr. Pemberton then took his distinctive tasting beverage to a very good friend of his, Frank M. Robinson who was also a pharmacist. They both agreed to add carbonated water and sampled the drink around for reviews. After they received positive reviews on their new drink they decide to take things to the next level and become business partners. They agreed to sell their drink in the market and named the drink Coca-Cola. They also created its trademarked logo, which is still used today.…show more content…
Candler took the opportunity to negotiate with Mrs. Pemberton about ownership and how the company was going to be ran. Dr. Pemberton had the intentions of his son Charlie running the company after him, but Candler still made his way into owning the trademarked of Coca-Cola. Mrs. Pemberton sold her stake of the company for 300 dollars, which was a good offer at the time. On June of 1894 Charlie was found unconscious and was immediately rushed to Atlanta’s Grady Hospital where he was pronounced dead ten days later at the age of 40. After the Charlie’s death, Dr. Candler became major owner of Coca-Cola. In the late 1890 the carbonated, high fructose, corn syrup, caramel color, phosphoric, natural flavors, caffeine drink was Americas number one soda fountain drink nationwide. Candler’s aggressive marketing was paying off and it led to a profit increase of 4000 percent from 1890-1900. Coca-Cola’s success was largely credited to their good advertisement and promotion, both Pemberton and Candler made sure that everyone had a taste of Coca- Cola. When advertising, it Candler make sure he sold syrup to those companies with licenses to sell soda. Today Coca-Cola is viewed as one of the most successful corporations all around the world. Melinda French Gates Co-Chair of “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” sates “Non-profit should learn from mega corporations like Coca-Cola, whose global network of marketers and distributors ensure that every remote village wants and
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