A Philosophical Framework For A Project

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Working on a project has always been requiring doing a deep philosophical framework in order to be as informative and interesting to be read as it can. bring the best results. Moreover, putting a philosophical framework in projects is supposed to be a critical issue. In addition to this, in order to show clearly the aim as well as the focus of the project, each step must be appropriate, and ‘fit’ if we want to talk with the language of modern research philosophies. Projects should also be characterized by a logical cohesion, so philosophical approaches should be placed correctly while organizing the plan for a project.

To start with, this essay discusses the different research philosophies as well as gives many different authors’ views. First of all, in every kind of project, philosophy should be put into it. Philosophy is the use of nonconcrete ideas and views that notify our study (Creswell, page 16). Research philosophy can be defined as the development of the research background, research knowledge and its nature (Saunders and Thornhill, 2007). Research philosophy is also defined with the help of research paradigm. In the words of Cohen, Manion and Morrison (2000), research paradigm can be defined as the broad framework, which comprises perception, beliefs and understanding of several theories and practices that are used to conduct a research. It can also be characterized as a precise procedure, which involves various steps through which a researcher creates a
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