A Philosophical Model Of Classroom Management

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According to Burden, “classroom management involves teacher actions to create a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.” The key words here are known as the “teacher’s actions,” which seem to create that environment. When it comes to the first area of responsibly, a teacher must “select a philosophical model of classroom management and discipline. As a teacher, I would like to use the popular actions of active engagement and lots of cooperative learning. I don’t like the act of worksheets, after worksheets, after worksheets. People remember best through experiences and interactions. For example, there was a time in middle school where I had to memorize the…show more content…
The point of control is based on the ‘joint responsibility of the student and teacher.” Basically, the teachers accept the students leading the way through controlling their behaviors, but the teacher will be able to keep more tabs on the inappropriate behaviors. With my beliefs over teacher control, I lean towards the middle teacher control spectrum. I like how the teacher and students can work together to create the rules and procedures, but is still taking control over what rules and procedures should be discussed and mentioned. Organizing the physical environment is influential when it comes to the order of the classroom. This includes the location of the desks, boards, chairs, etc. in order to affect the flow of instructions and influences within the classroom. For example, because I have the students sitting at tables rather than individual desks, this makes it easier for the class to participate in “MATH” and “READ” workshops. Students will be grouped into small groups based on their test scores and observations. At the front of the room, there will be a board that looks like a chart. At the top of the chart are the words “R.E.A.D.” and “M.A.T.H.” Below the letters are slots with colored sheets in them to represent the different groups. The groups will be timed for 25 minutes at a time to complete each station. Having the tables over individual desks, helps with creating a group-like atmosphere especially when it comes to
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