A Philosophical Point Of View Essay

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Ethics in a philosophical point of view allows humans to fully understand the importance of morality in a society. Throughout history, numerous philosophers have had their own sense of morality. For instance, Thomas Hobbs considered morality as simply as a social contract between cultures through the establishment of laws, however others like Immanuel Kant saw it as an internal duty that all humans unconsciously share and owe each other. Most people must side with one spectrum of a topic than the other to determine an action is moral. Topics such as abortion, war, marriage etc… have infiltrated modern liberal’s conversations. I will write this paper about abortion and, to support my opinion, I will first compare the arguments previously made by four well known philosophers: Mary Ann Warren, Patrick Lee, Robert P. George, and Judith Jarvis Thomson. After partaking on whichever side, I will then apply a specific ethical theory that will help explain what influenced my decision, then cover any possible objections and finish with any current improvements being made to appease the tension from the topic. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. For such a heartfelt topic, it needs has been a practice since the ancient times They always contradict with the people that consider themselves traditional. Abortion as most people know, can be a difficult topic to speak of. It contains the preservation of human life against the choice of protecting one’s body and

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