A Philosophy of Education: In Experience there is Direction Essay

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A Philosophy of Education: In Experience there is Direction Abstract I believe that greatness is within all of us; we just need a little help finding it sometimes. I have come to understand that one caring person can make all the difference in someone else’s life. As I venture further into my teaching career, I hope to help my students to Education is a journey of seeking answers and experiencing. Every human being has the ability to learn and apply meaning to education. Learners should not be encouraged to surrender to the ideals and beliefs of a set curriculum. Rather than settling for the minimum learning requirements written out based on the expectations of the state, students should encounter knowledge, build a solid…show more content…
Education directs students to a more meaningful and fulfilled life. When looking at the world, satisfaction and contentment are rare virtues. I have realized that the people in this world are constantly searching for direction. School is a place that offers opportunities of hope, knowledge, and a future. As a Christian, I believe that wisdom and knowledge come from God and that He will guide me if I walk with Him. In the same way, education offers the assurance of offering knowledge in hopes of preparing students for a brighter tomorrow. I hope to be C.S. Lewis, in his book The Abolition of Man: How Education Develops man’s sense of morality (1955), quoted Bhavgavad Gita, saying “[h]e who is unmoved…is said to be devoted. As a flame in a windless place that flickers not, so is the devoted” (p. 120). With the morals that I believe in, being devoted and consistent is important to how I hope to live my life. Being honest to my students and loyal to my authorities will enable me to maintain integrity and build respect throughout my career. Christian values are generally thought of, both traditionally and in the modern world, as good values. In having these values, I believe that I have been equipped with the patience, the passion, the

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