A Phony: A Short Story

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If you really want to know one of the reasons this school is so horrible and I told you a little bit about it already but it is because every other person is either a liar or a phony. I walk around all day with this kid Thomas, he’s not even really my friend I just have no one else to walk with. Anyway, when people see him they think he’s probably the coolest kid around with his wavy hair and always has to wear his football jacket. Every girl is always dying over him and giving him these crappy dreamy eyes, well truth be told he’s the biggest phony I’ve ever met. He’s secretly really gross, like the other day we were walking down the hall and the hottest girl in school looked at him and he gave her a wink and she went away with the biggest smile I’ve…show more content…
That’s Carly, Kyle and Jane because there the very few people I trust in this world. Kyle was a brilliant brother he was so smart and cool everything he said would always make sense to me, I really do miss him. It’s not like Carly is much different she’s very young but I still love her company and I really wish I had it right now. Then Jane I don’t even know what she’s talking about half the time but when a girl looks like that, everything must be true. She’s a real dime. Everyone else in my school is just a phony, the other day I walked by these couple of girls and they had some looks but they weren’t by any means the hottest girls in school. When I greeted them in the hall they completely ignored me and walked away giggling and flipping their hair. Truth be told I was talking to one of them in my science class the other day and then once they’re in the halls they pretend like they’re the coolest people in school. Anyway that’s one of the biggest reasons this school should’ve never been invented which is why I’ll probably find a way to be expelled soon enough.
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