A Photographer Captures a Revealing Photo of His Teacher in the Photography by Will Weaver

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In “The Photograph” written by Will Weaver, the protagonist Anthony Long a young and talented photographer is compelled to capture a revealing picture of his school teacher, Ms. Jenson by his friend Lance Hickerson. Anthony and Ms. Jenson having to face severe consequences after the release of the photograph divulges a deep secret.

The author portrays the message of standing for what you believe is right, never feeling pressured to conform to the attitude, values of other individuals. This is shown through Anthony who chooses to conform to Lance’s peer pressure yet consciously aware of the outcome of invading another person’s privacy. Although Anthony has good moral values, he fears Lance and therefore is unable to bring out the
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Despite a few people knowing of their plan to capture nude image of Ms. Jenson, ironically it is only Anthony who is affected with the poison ivy.This is to show only Anthony realized the wrong in his action therefore feeling guilty. He is afflicted with poison ivy so severely that he is sent to the hospital, which shows the sincerity of his guilt. Anthony’s poison ivy begins to fade away as gradually forgets about his experience of peer pressure. Anythony feels reconciled once he writes a letter to Ms. Jenson apologizing of his dishonorable action. The poison ivy had a big impact in bringing forward the meaning of the text as it showed the progression of Anthony’s understanding of himself and being able to decide for himself by make the right choices. The main character’s name Anthony Long is also a significant name which the author uses as a symbol to show the protagonist’s position as his name is “ant.” He is considered insignificant to his peers and can easily be pressured. Ant is described as an inferior character as he is so small, and his peers such as Lance are powerful. Throughout the story, Ant also carries heavy weight on his shoulders which symbolizes he carries a lot of guilt. With his last name being “Long,” it shows he will need to carry the guilt for a long time. It is once the protagonist meets up with Mr. Wood and is told she is living happily in another city that he finally becomes
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