A Picture Of Late Victorian London Of Sherlock Holmes Essay

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Sherlock Holmes
How Conan Doyle created a picture of late Victorian London of Sherlock Holmes and how his thinking even helped today’s crime solving that was so intriguing that contemporary people living in London at the time did not realize he was making most of it up. For decades after the time the stories are set in people with a living memory of London deferred to Doyle’s descriptions and how his stories were related to crime scenes people thought were linked to real crimes in the Victorian age Finding the reality in Sherlock Holmes detective stories and how they relate to real live events now. Author Conan Doyle created this character who is a fictional character. Who would solve mysteries and crimes how this is reflects to society today compared to the stories of Sherlock Holmes and what’s happening in the real world society and how Sherlock Holmes has changed the way we do things today in the crime works. And what has he done to change the way we do things in society.

How has Sherlock Holmes play an effect in detective work when Sherlock Holmes did his investigations he reveled them in tiny clues the guy left behind and looking for finger prints and foot prints and any other clues that the criminals left behind in every case that Sherlock Holmes had. And this lead to how people now figure out clues in crimes people make today detective today look for fingerprints and any clues that Sherlock Holmes would have looked for which has brought which reflects on society
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