A Picture Of My Life - Personal Narrative Essay examples

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A Picture Of My Life - Personal Narrative

Over the years we had just grown apart. For many years we were best
friends, then she was moved up a year, and we slowly parted.

I remember how scared I was on my first day at the school we went to.
She was so nice to me, looked after me. We use to go out into the
playground and play on all the apparatus. There was a climbing house,
where you could climb round the outside. Olivia and I were the only
people in the school who could climb on every section of the house. We
were daredevils. We use to play games, like 'it', and 'stuck in the
mud'. We used to be the Queens' at the '3 legged race'. At sports day,
we would always cross the line together, we
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We loved reading the names of the people
who had died, finding out who was the oldest and who the youngest.
Walking into the church how it's so beautiful. I can remember when we
made a really disgusting thing. We put everything she had in the house
in a bowl and we ate it. I was sick for days. It was the first time I
was really ill, and I remember lying in bed one morning. My mum came
upstairs and gave me a letter I had just received. I opened it and
considered what it could have been. It said I had won a competition. I
was so happy because I had never won one before.

When her parents were not at home, which was very often, we used to go
up to my house to get a Sunday lunch that my mum had cooked. When we
were having quests over, she was always there, at New Year, Christmas,
always. We had so much fun. We had a couple of drinks and laughed

Then again she just grew up even more. I left the school we were both
at, and only saw her at weekends if I was lucky.

Again she grew up, and went to lots of parties, drank, and had endless
boyfriends. Went through all the problems most girls go through,
anorexia and bulimia. I have always blamed myself for never being
there to help her. She's one of the prettiest people, and yet so
stupid. Why would someone who is pretty and has a perfect figure want
to do something that…