A Picture Of The Kancamagus Highway

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Painting a Picture of the Kancamagus Highway The mountains are known for cutting through the landscape like glaciers. The Kancamagus Highway, or “The Fearless One” cuts through Lincoln, to Conway, New Hampshire. Rich in history as well winding roads, and mammoth mountains are often traveled by the fearless, and adventurous traveler. For some, they stumble upon this great beauty is small and not appreciated, but for others the venture is a state of mind and continues to inspire long after the visit is concluded. The Kancamagus Highway evokes the emotion of nostalgia in every journey. Entering the area I first noticed the mountains, covered in rugs of green, gold, ember red, and burning orange trees. The mountains were the spines of the land, holding together the whole landscape. Off to a distance shining white pyramids could be seen. The tops of the mountains soared up to the sky and to the heavens as to kiss the stars with the cold peaks. I was just a quiet observer of there glorious range. They stood ghost-like, and the only thing bigger then these slumbering giants was my gaze when taking them in. As I turn from the outlook, leaving the booming mountains to my back I notice the trees. Making up this glowing landscape were the burning leaves of the trees. The canopy of color burned with high intensity. Each leaf was chattering in the wind making up faint rustling, perhaps to keep the forests secret below. Nature’s sympathy was conducting itself is a small crescendo.

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