A Piece Of Software As Malicious Software Or Malware?

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3.2 Malwares
A piece of software whose indent is malicious is called malicious software or Malware. They spy on users behaviours and data and compromise their privacy and security. Even software provided by reputed vendors performs undesired actions which compromises privacy and security.[10]. They vary in their speed, stealth and purpose, while these properties are evolving[11] rather in a very fast phase. Adversaries are much faster, that the window between the discovery of a vulnerability and malware exploiting that vulnerability is becoming much smaller for the defender. Malware authors and distributes have been evolved to have much more clear targets and motives, such as collecting private and valuable informations and backing advanced persistent threats.
In a recent attack in which started on 2015 July 28, hackers used Yahoo ad network to spread malicious code to visitors computer. A windows computer visited the site will automatically download the malware code which hunted down the out-of-date version of Adobe Flash. Certain vulnerabilities in the Flash allowed the malicious code to take control of the system. The malware would either hold the computer for a ransom until the hacker is paid or direct the machine towards sites that paid the adversaries for the traffic.
According to Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2015, more than 317 million piece of malware is created in 2014 or close to 1 million new unique malware each day. The report says overall total
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