A Piece Of Work - Original Writing

2257 Words Sep 24th, 2015 10 Pages
Rafae Ahmed
Ms. Foster
English IV
24 September 2015
A Piece of Work He told me to walk because it would save money and gas and that it was only a couple of blocks away. So I put two pairs of socks on, jeans, two jackets, and my muddy sneakers. I put my hood up and my head down. I walked along the cracked sidewalk with cars rushing by adding wind to my shivering body. I stared at my feet as each footstep had to have its own block of the sidewalk. I attempted to avoid stepping on any of the cracks just out of boredom, not out of superstition. I talked in my head about last night’s game, the blown calls and the bandwagon fans, and how my dad was going for the other team, as usual. After a while, I ended up thinking about why I chose to wear my red shirt. It’s weird how the mind can wander between two things that seemingly have no relation. Anyway, I eventually stopped thinking and looked up to observe my surrounding. Trees from both sides of the road seemed to be stretching out their limbs over the road, reaching across to the trees on the other side like lovers separated. The gray clouds visible through the branches of the arch of trees casted a shadow of death over the entire town. The dead leaves just lay there helpless, and the leaves that remained on the trees held on loosely. And then the wind blew, and leaves detached, floating down to join the dead. The leaves, once held up by the trees to be revered by all of nature, now had disappeared into the degradation of the…
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