A Piece of Cake Book Analysis

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A Piece of Cake
Book Analysis
Maddy Hollis

For this book analysis, I read the book A Piece of Cake by Cupcake brown. It is a memoir told by Cupcake about her life. She starts the book at age 11, when she was living a normal and pleasant life with her mother in San Diego. She was quite close to her along with her step father (who, at the time, she thought was her biological father), and her uncle. Then out of nowhere, she finds her mother dead in her room and her life is shaken into disaster. The court system had to turn both her and her brother over to her biological father whom she never met, instead of giving her to the man she was raised by. Her father then sent her to a foster home where she was raped and beaten constantly. When she
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The gang she was in made her get beaten in, and regularly made her perform criminal acts. What Cup believed, as the quote says, was that she finally had people in her life that cared about her. They were giving her that sense of family that she had had taken from her at a young age. Along with the violence, by the time she got out of the gang she has stolen, car jacked, and performed shooting drive bys. All of this was done simply because the leaders of the gang told her that it was what she had to do. During the time that she was in the gang, she spent all of her time with fellow gang members either performing illegal crimes, or drinking and doing drugs. The final straw the got her out of the gang was being shot and nearly paralyzed. While she was in it, she was a strong member that would do whatever she was told to do in order to help “the family”.
2. Crime- Acts committed in violation of the law.
“What they didn’t know was that while they were watching us-so convinced that we were up to something-Dot was robbing them blind.” (177)
This quote describes one of the many crimes that Cup committed while living the street life. She would go into a store with fellow female black gang members and make a lot of commotion to get all eyes on them. While everyone in the store would be frightened of Cup and her companions and keeping close
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