A Place Called Home

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In the United States, the number of homeless people has risen dramatically over the past few decades. With its growing population, those homeless people unintentionally change many regions into their homes. However, perhaps one of the largest populations and most well-known area that has become synonymous with poverty and homelessness is located in Los Angeles, California. As of 2013, there are 57,737 homeless people in Skid Row, counting all those who are in the shelter or not in the street. This indicates that there is an increase, about 15%, when compared to 2011 for Los Angeles County alone (LAHSA, 2013). Lost Angels, a movie directed by Thomas Napper, tells a story of eight different people who try to find a way to survive in a homeless society. Yet, the documentary does not simply describe or depict the differences between the residents’ and the outsiders’ viewpoints toward Skid Row; it also explores the impact of historical and contemporary changes has on population and how people there are being treated differently due to double standard. Taking place in Los Angeles, California, the film opens with random people walking on the street. With old, ramshackle buildings and waste visible in the background, Skid Row gives off a first impression that perhaps this is not an ideal place to live. Being surrounded by drunken people and African American also does not help improve the image of this region; arguably, it even worsens the situation as many have a habit of
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