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A Place to Remember When I was sixteen years of age, my Gram, Aunt Jamie, and I went to Scotland. We visited many places, such as Edinburgh, Sterling, and Dumfries. We also visited Arundel, Windsor, and London in England. The most exciting part of our trip was when we went and saw the house my Grandad born in and the family house. As I looked at those houses, I felt like I was home, I had found the place I was supposed to be. All my life I have known who I was and where I was from, I am Scottish, my Grandad was born in Scotland, so in a way, I am from Scotland as well. The flight to London felt like it took forever, we were all so tired and just wanted to take a shower and go to bed, but we had to get off that plane…show more content…
The pizza was so cheesy, the crust wasn’t too crunchy or too soft, it was just right. The pizza sauce tasted so fresh, it had just the right amount of seasonings to make it taste like it was from Italy. We then went back to the bed and breakfast, and went to sleep. The next day and the following days were full of discovery and fun. We went to many castles and cathedrals, which were amazing; I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. As I looked at all of the buildings, I could tell they were built several centuries ago; they were built strong and durable. They looked ancient but at the same time, they belonged there with all of the other old surrounding buildings, looked as if they belonged. I couldn’t believe how old all of the buildings looked; in the U.S. we tear down older buildings. We walked through all of the castles and cathedrals; we saw things that I never thought I would ever see. We saw real artifacts from when these castles were used by kings and queens. We learned about the kings who ruled in Scotland and how old they were when they died. We didn’t just have fun but we learned many facts as well. The sites and the scenery were beautiful and amazing, green grass and trees weren’t the only beautiful things about the outdoors of Scotland. The animals seemed to graze on the bright green grass, along the hills of Scotland. The sheep I saw were beautifully white with very little dirt on

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