A Place to Stand Essay

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Can words change person’s thoughts from desperation, violence, to peace and normality within a dehumanizing prison? Some prisoners spending short to long term sentenced, sometimes lose themselves in a world of violence and become worse off when coming into the prison system, than how they used to be before prison life. Trying to hold on to any bit of sanity or respect for humanity becomes an everyday struggle. Sometimes the smallest thing can help prevent the feeling, of going over that edge of no return from a dreadfulness act of death. Jimmy Santiago Baca lived a life surrounded by misfortunes and inescapable pathways of loss. He was the youngest of three. Addiction was introduced to him as a young child through his father who…show more content…
This path leads him finding love with a girl named Theresa. After a heart breaking breakup he flees as far as he can from Estancia. Trying to make ends meet, he turns to selling drugs. By the time Jimmy finds love ones more and decides to settle down tragedy occurs. Trying to escaping from a drug bust at a friend’s house his attempts end up with a conviction for murder. Due to his illiteracy, Jimmy couldn’t read the false accusations he never committed. When arriving at Florence State Prison Jimmy Santiago Baca’s life changed. Upon resaving a letter from a man named Harry he became interested on learning to read and write. Harry’s letter gave Jimmy some sense of belonging. He stated his feelings on the letter, “I was eager to communicate with someone to alleviate the boredom of the dungeon.” All it took was a paper with words to take someone away from that place they despised. Harry had sent Baca a dictionary so he could learn new words. To Jimmy this opened a new world to him. This gave him an opportunity on having control over something the prison couldn’t take from him. Throughout Jimmy’s prison life, he had become inspired on writing about his past. He would express himself in his writing from dream journeys he would take into his past. He used this travels to escape the inclined contributor to hostility in prison. As his writing got better Jimmy engaged in writing poetry. To his
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