A Plan For A New World

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As Giselle found herself devising a plan to find her mom, she realized those twelve years of her life without her mom strengthened her and her father, Jon, up. In fact, her father decided to move and start a business career and ventured out in the ‘business world’ and thought that it was time to seek out for a new place, Sutter’s Fort, California. Giselle really didn’t care, she blamed her father for the dispute between Jon and her mother. In Giselle’s eyes, it looked like Jon was purposely trying to annoy her even more, as they were traveling, cholera took a toll on a lot of people, which Giselle thought was abhorrent. She never gave cholera a lot of thought. However, Giselle was thankful how they lived in California before, so a lot of traveling wasn 't done.
“Hmm, off we go.” Giselle whispered to herself as she folded her new Levi jeans, collected her pan, and headed out for breakfast.
Jon asked Giselle brightly as he was smoking, “Good morning! How was your first day in Sutter’s Fort? Do you want some coffee that I brewed and some breakfast that I made?”
Giselle gazed down and mumbled, “Just leave me alone!”
Jon stared at Giselle, astonished, astonishingly thinking how his daughter turned out to be a she-monster. He suspected that Giselle always despised him, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He really loves his daughter, but he could never tell the her real reason why Brenda, his ex-wife, left them. After thinking about Giselle and Brenda, he realized Giselle took…

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