A Plan For Creating A Proposal For A New Portable Cooking Bag

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Kate begins at Donaldson Family Foods with the task of creating a proposal for the company to move forward with a new portable cooking bag. Most business people will follow a solid stream of logic using the rational model. They begin by finding a problem which needs to be solved. Once the problem is identified, they gather all information necessary to help formulate various solutions to the problem. They then evaluate each solution through a set of predetermined criteria to identify the best solution to the problem and implement it. It is assumed that they have the information necessary to make the decision, they have the ability to make the decision, and the group as a whole has an agreed upon vision of what needs to be done. (Miller, 2015). Keyton and Shockley-Zalabak (2010) describe on page 17 that Kate already had the budget, timeline, and rationale worked out for the proposal. With the information from the focus group research, she would have an easy “go” from SMART. As Kate has been asked to create the proposal, she is in the position to make the decision before SMART finalizes it. The group (SMART and Kate) have an agreed upon deadline and vision for the product launch. Kate should first ask herself what problem the insulated cooking bag will solve. This is what will drive her proposal. She knows the product will be launched alongside “new prepackaged specialty picnic foods”. (Keyton and Shockley-Zalabak, 2010). When on a picnic, the customer will want their foods
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