A Plan For Stew's Self Service Garage

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In order to increase weekday sales we have developed a plan for Stew’s Self Service Garage to reach a new customer base by improving the referral program, expanding its social media presence, targeting local community events, partnering with other local businesses and developing new advertising techniques to effectively reach our target market. First, Stew’s Self Service Garage should simplify and refine its current referral program. The current plan has a convoluted 11 tier rewards system that makes it difficult for consumers to remember, and therefore leads to fewer referrals. After performing a survey on what consumers want to be rewarded with for a referral, the second most popular selection was a free weekday hour. We see this a great way to motivate customers to refer new customers with a minimum loss of profits for Stew 's Self Service Garage. For each referral they make that results in a new customer, they receive a free weekday hour to use at the shop. In order to entice the referee to come to the shop, we recommend that the referred customer be given a free weekday hour as well. Additionally, we considered developing a loyalty program to develop repeat customers and reward loyalty. We found that numerous auto shops have loyalty programs in order to retain their customers, however, they have a larger pool of competitors. Due to the nature of Stew’s Self Service Garage’s business, there are few competitors that operate within Stew’s Self Service

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