A Plan For Students And Staff With Special Needs Or Disabilities

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5. Develop a Plan for Students and Staff with Special Needs or Disabilities My review of the crisis plan found that very little addressed children or staff with physical, sensory, motor, developmental, or mental challenges. This is something that definitely needs to be addressed when considering relocation or evacuation. For example, some of our students with disabilities have restricted mobility and use a wheelchair, and moving them to a nearby staging center or evacuation center will be difficult. Some of our students have vision impairments that could affect walking over altered terrain. Thus, our crisis plan should include alternative transportation options for these students and even alternative safe sites for them. In addition, some of our students require special medicines and medical devices on a daily basis. The crisis plan needs to decide if it is possible to accommodate these needs off campus. 6. Develop Emergency Kits Tailored to the Position and Location, Along with Detailed Lists While Hector School District’s crisis plan states that all faculty and staff are to be equipped with emergency evacuation packs provided by the district, it does not go into detail as to what the school nurse should have in her pack, versus what the office’s pack should have, versus the gymnasium’s pack, etc. Though it does give a few items that should be in the teachers’ emergency evacuation packs such as a student roster, parent contacts, emergency evacuation bus routes,
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