A Plan For a Complete Intelligence Collection Operation against North Korea

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The Korean peninsula has been a volatile area since the end of World War II. Today it is the last example of a single nation divided between two states, represents the longest division of ideologies, and is the archetype of enduring Cold War symptoms. Although small in size, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has been the biggest obstacle to regional stability in Asia, its militant and hostile policies posing a threat not only to western aligned nations, but also to its former and present benefactors, Russia and China. This dangerous country represents a very important target for the United States’ Intelligence Community, an extremely difficult one to exploit, but one that cannot be ignored as North Korea’s ambitions…show more content…
In this assignment I will outline a design for an Intelligence Collection Operation against North Korea, with special emphasis on the country’s nuclear program, listing each of the collection disciplines and crafts best suited for the task. The first and most logical step in intelligence collection against North Korea and its nuclear program is to use our eyes in the sky. Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) needs to be applied on a regular basis, to track terrain changes around all presently known nuclear sites, and conduct analysis of potential new sites that may be used for this purpose (e.g. a new research and or enrichment facility close to the country’s uranium mines); infrared imaging should be used accordingly in order to discover new differences in thermal signatures around existing or potential sites, as this may provide information on new nuclear related operations and indicate the need for new useful intelligence products gathering.
Equally important for finding the location of suspected nuclear sites, is an extensive use of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) collection. Although DPRK government and military personnel are well trained in communications discipline, an unintentional protocol error by a lower level soldier or guard could enable a language analyst to gather a useful piece of the intelligence puzzle. Other Communications Intelligence (COMINT) uses are also
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