A Plan for Improving Healthcare Access

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These alternative means largely depend on the willingness of the community members to participate in them and help one another overcome the inaccessibility to healthcare.
One such a plan proposed herein is the establishment of healthcare facilities specifically meant for the underserved populations when it comes to healthcare. The plan seeks to make healthcare more accessible to populations that live far away from the well established healthcare facilities. These are meant to be private non-profit organizations that will heavily rely on the community input at the levels of the healthcare providers, social service agencies, pharmacies as well as the insurance agents to generously donate or even to discount their rates in order to support this plan that will be community focused. The establishment of such facilities that are community supported to make the underserved get access to healthcare is part of the wider "100 percent access, zero health disparity". This plan is particularly directed at helping the migrant populations and the seasonal farm workers who are noted to be grossly underserved when it comes to…
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