A Plan for Tourism Development in Korça County

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A Plan for Tourism Development in Korça County Regardless the rich potential and numerous attractions, Korça County is not yet in the position to develop a sustainable tourism industry unless it focuses on offering something unique that will distinguish it from other national and international destinations. To realize this we need first to identify any possible obstacle and later give solutions to improve the current situation. One important piece of literature is the recently developed Action Plan for Tourism in Korça County (2008), by the municipality of Korça. It presents the actual picture of the tourism potential in Korça. It also identifies the main partners in assisting the tourism development. This plan is the basis of my future…show more content…
We still lack basic things such an official website for the Korça County tourism to directly deliver comprehensive travel information. International tourists are increasingly using the travel websites making so the travel products globally accessible in a lower cost. There is a scarcity in the guide books and a poor representation of the county in the international tourism fairs;
• Developing a safe and adequate service and physical infrastructure. By service infrastructure is meant 24/7 running water in the whole county. Compared with the rest of the country, Korça is the only privileged city in Albania with all day running water and we already have a significant advantage over the rest. Yet, I cannot state the same thing for the other cities and villages in the county. Another important aspect of the service infrastructure is internet and telecommunication. We live in the era of internet and technology; therefore we should be prepared to provide the tourist with the facilities they use in their everyday life. Although they might be away from home we should make them feel connected with it in the best way possible. Finally, it is public transportation which is an important feature in the tourism industry. All the main cities of the county have decent public transportation, while the suburban areas often provide only informal

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